You are currently viewing 21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz
21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz

21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz

The most recent version of the 21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz may be found on this page. Your understanding and level of current events knowledge may improve by answering these quiz questions.

21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz
21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz

This question from the March 21, 2024, current affairs quiz is essential for any competitive exam. By answering the question, you may discover more about the most recent events taking place throughout the world.

The thoughtfully crafted current affairs quiz for March 21, 2024, makes it easy to stay up to date on world events and participate in important global discussions. You’ll find out about the

Today Current Affairs: 21 March 2024 Current Affairs Quiz

Q1. Which team has won the title of the second season of the Women’s Premier League?
(a) UP Warriors
(b) Royal Challenger Bangalore
(c) Gujarat Titans
(d) Delhi Capitals

Ans. (b) Royal Challenger Bangalore

Q2. Who has launched the E-NAM (National Agriculture Market) mobile app?
(a) Arjun Munda
(b) Piyush Goyal
(c) Kiren Rijiju
(d) Dharmendra Pradhan

Ans. (a) Arjun Munda

Q3. Who recently became the President of Russia for the 5th time?
(a) Vladimir Putin
(b) Alexander Stubb
(c) Prabowo Subianto
(d) Shahbaz Sharif

Ans. (a) Vladimir Putin

Q4. Who has become the new Sarkaryavah of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)?
(a) Suresh Bhaiyaji Joshi
(b) Dr. Krishna Gopal
(c) Dattatreya Hosabale
(d) Mohan Bhagwat

Ans. (c) Dattatreya Hosabale

Q5. Who has received Saraswati Samman 2023?
(a) Shahrukh Khan
(b) Prabha Verma
(c) S. Somnath
(d) Gulzar and Ram Bhadracharya

Ans. (b) Prabha Verma

Q6. With which country is India organizing Exercise ‘Tiger Trif-24’?
(a) Canada
(b) France
(c) You Yes A
(d) Germany

Ans. (c) USA

Q7. Who has been awarded the ‘Sangeet Kalanidhi Award‘ this time?
(a) John Olav
(b) Geeta Press Gorakhpur
(c) Chirag Shetty Satwik Sai Raj
(d) T M Krishna

Ans. (d) T M Krishna

Q8. Where did India’s first ‘Oil Palm Processing Plant’ start?
(a) Ujjain
(b) Kolkata
(c) Bengaluru
(d) Arunachal Pradesh

Ans.(d) Arunachal Pradesh

Q9. Recently ‘Yaoundé Declaration’ was in discussion, it is related to which of the following?
(a) Malaria disease
(b) Cyber security
(c) Maritime security
(d) Artificial Intelligence

Ans. (a) Malaria disease

Q10. Which state’s police recently launched the digital platform ‘Trinetra’ app 2.0?
(a) Bihar
(b) Assam
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Madhya Pradesh

Ans. (c) Uttar Pradesh

Q11. Who has been appointed as the Group President of ‘One Kotak’ by Kotak Mahindra Bank?
(a) Ashwini Kumar
(b) Abhay Singh
(c) Jaideep Hansraj
(d) Rajeev Anand

Ans. (c) Jaideep Hansraj

Q12. ‘What rank did India get in the DHL Connectedness Index?
(a) 85th
(b) 93rd
(c) 62th
(d) 134th

Ans. (c) 62th

Q13. The much debated ‘Kovind Committee’ is related to which of the following?
(a) Uniform Civil Code
(b) Appointment of judges
(c) Electoral bond
(d) Ek Sath Chunaw

Ans. (d) Ek Sath Chunaw

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