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World Football Day 2024: Uniting Nations Through Soccer

United Nations Announced 25 May as World Football Day.
A major turning point in the worldwide celebration of the most popular sport in the world has been reached with the unanimous proclamation of May 25 as World Football Day by the United Nations General Assembly.


A World Football Day

On May 7, 2024, the 193-member United Nations General Assembly voted a resolution designating May 25 as World Football Day each year. The United Nations General Assembly members unanimously approved the resolution.

A Football Match (Through the Nations)

The most popular sport in the world is soccer. Football started in medieval England. The Football Association, founded in England in 1863, was mainly responsible for creating the game’s regulations.
FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was founded in 1902 and over time evolved into the global football governing organization.

Strong determination to unite the world through Soccer

The resolution was accepted by the 193-member General Assembly majority after being proposed by Taher M. El-Sonni, the State of Libya’s Permanent Representative to the UN. In line with the UN’s goal of promoting a better world via sport and the Olympic ideal, it highlights the ability of football to encourage peace, progress, and friendship among nations.

Why was 25 May chosen as World Soccer Day by the UN?

The football competition of the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris comprised teams from every corner of the globe on May 25, 1924. The Summer Olympics are being held in Paris this year, and the football competition from 1924 will celebrate its 100th anniversary on May 25, 2024.
The United Nations decided to declare May 25 as World Football Day in honour of the historic occasion.

Some key Points on Soccer and the Olympics

  1. The women’s football group playing in the Olympics has no age restriction.
  2. Football players in the men’s Olympic competition must be older than 23.
  3. In 1996, women’s football made its first appearance at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.
  4. In 1900, football made its appearance in the Summer Olympics in Paris.
  5. Except for 1932, football has always been a part of the Summer Olympics.

FAQs on World Football Day

In which nation is modern football supposed to have started?


When will the world celebrate its first World Football Day?

On May 25, 2024.

Which day has been chosen by the United Nations as World Football Day?

25 May

When did men’s football start at the Summer Olympics?

In the Paris Olympics in 1900

When did women’s football make its Olympic debut?

At the Atlanta Olympics in 1996

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