You are currently viewing 50+ Sports GK Questions with Answers in English
Sports GK Questions with Answers in English

50+ Sports GK Questions with Answers in English

Sports GK Questions with Answers in English
Sports GK Questions with Answers in English

A 50 + Sports GK Questions with Answers in English: Check Your Knowledge of Indian Sports GK

General Knowledge has become a very important subject in today’s time. Therefore, in any exam these days, some questions are asked from General Knowledge.

Most of the syllabus of exams like CDS, NDA, SSC, and Railways consists of GK and current affairs. Many candidates ignore these sections, which reduces their exam scores.

Now let’s dive into today’s latest blog is based on Sports GK questions and answers in English, where you will get detailed solutions related to the latest sports.

Importance of Sports GK

Sports GK has its place because it affects people, the community and the sports industry in general.

First of all, it tells us about different sports, the efforts of the players, and their hard work. It’s not just about knowing the game scores and player names; Here we make it easier to understand the history, techniques, and strategies used in the game.

Secondly, sports are important because they help people live an active and healthy lifestyle and learn skills like teamwork. When people take inspiration from the players and stay disciplined, it inspires them to understand values like fair play and determination, strength and teamwork which they learn from the game.

Latest Sports GK Questions and Answers in English

Q1. Who has led the Indian cricket team to the most amount of success in test cricket?
Ans. MS Dhoni
Q2. Which sport is connected to the Ranji Trophy?
Ans. Cricket
Q3. Who has been chosen for this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award by the Badminton World Federation (BWF)?
Ans. Prakash Padukone
Q4. Which game uses Grand Slam?
Ans. Lawn Tennis
Q5. Which nation has most frequently hosted the Olympic Winter Games?
Ans. United States of America
Q6. Who has been named the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) permanent CEO?
Ans. Geoff Allardyce

Sports GK Questions on Cricket

All the below questions are related to Cricket. Here you find the top most important GK questions on cricket. We are also aware that sports GK questions benefit all competitive exams.
To score more in your exams, it is recommended to read this sports gk question on cricket once.

Sports GK Questions on Cricket
Sports GK Questions on Cricket

Q1. Which country has the most cricket World Cup trophies?
Ans. Australia
Q2. Which cricket stadium is the largest in the world?
Ans. Narendra Modi Stadium (India)
Q3. In first-class cricket, which player had the greatest individual score?
Ans. Brian Lara from the West Indies
Q4. In the history of the ODI, who has scored the most individual runs?
Ans. Rohit Sharma from India
Q5. In the history of Test cricket, who has taken the most wickets?
Ans. Muttiah Muralitharan from Sri Lanka
Q6. Which player in the ODI cricket had scored the fastest century?
Ans. AB de Villiers from South Africa
Q7. Which sport is the term “LBW” associated with?
Ans. Cricket
Q8. Which nation will host the 2027 Cricket World Cup?
Ans. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia
Q9. Which cricket player from Jamaica has been suspended from all cricket due to doping allegations?
Ans. Andre Russell
Q10. Who is the first and currently the only batsman to score double hundreds in four consecutive test series?
Ans. Virat Kohli

Sports GK Questions on Kabaddi

In the below section, you will find the latest GK questions on Kabaddi. These questions with answers cover all the important Sports GK Questions on Kabaddi.

Sports GK Questions on Kabaddi
Sports GK Questions on Kabaddi

Q1. How many players are on each team during a game of Kabaddi?
Ans. 7 Members
Q2. “Running Hand Touch” term is related to which sport?
Ans. Kabaddi
Q3. “Ankle Hold” term is related to which sport?
Ans. Kabaddi
Q4. Who is the captain of the Indian kabaddi team?
Ans. Pawan Sehrawat
Q5. In which year were Kabaddi introduced in the Indian National Games?
Ans. 1938
Q6. Which is the highest governing body of Kabaddi?
Ans. International Kabaddi Federation
Q7. What is the national sport of Bangladesh?
Ans. Kabaddi
Q8. Kabaddi was introduced for promotional purposes as a demonstration sport in which Olympics?
Ans. 1936 Olympics
Q9. When was Kabaddi included in Asian games?
Ans. 1990
Q10. Who won the first title ‘Asian Kabaddi Championship’?
Ans. India
Q11. When was the first Asian Kabaddi Championship held?
Ans. 1980

Sports GK Questions on Football

All the below 10 GK questions are based on Football. What are the most useful sports GK questions on Football? As we know these questions are important for any competitive exam, so once read the questions to score better.

Sports GK Questions on Football
Sports GK Questions on Football

Q1. Who is the captain of an Indian football team?
Ans. Sunil Chhetri
Q2. Which location is regarded as Indian football’s Mecca?
Ans. Kolkata
Q3. What is the national game of Spain and Namibia?
Ans. Football
Q4. Which country has won the World Cup of Football the most times?
Ans. Brazil
Q5. A famous sports personality Pele is related to which game?
Ans. Football
Q6. Which soccer team was the winner in the Europa League?
Ans. Manchester United defeated Ajax Amsterdam
Q7. Which country became the first nation to win the Football World Cup?
Ans. Uruguay
Q8. Which football player was chosen as the world’s finest playmaker for 2016?
Ans. Lionel Messi
Q9. Who won the world’s best player title at the 2016 FIFA Football Awards, which were held in Zurich, Switzerland?
Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo
Q10. In which year was football added to the Olympic games as a competitive sport?
Ans. 1908

Sports GK Questions on Hockey

All these further questions are related to hockey. This is the top most important sports GK question on Hockey. All Sports GK Questions are very useful for competitive exams because in any exam two or three questions related to sports are asked. So read these questions once.

Sports GK Questions on Hockey
Sports GK Questions on Hockey

In the below section, you will find the most important Sports GK questions on Hockey with answers in English. Now it’s time to take this Ultimate Sports Knowledge Challenge to See How Well You Know.

Q1. In a hockey game, the total number of players playing on the pitch is?
Ans. 22
Q2. What year did the All India Women’s Hockey Federation have its start?
Ans. 1947
Q3. Which is the highest governing body of Hockey in the world?
Ans. International Hockey Federation
Q4. What is the Indian Women’s National Hockey Team’s nickname?
Ans. Nabhvarna
Q5. How many times has India won the Hockey World Cup?
Ans. One
Q6. Is hockey India’s national sport?
Ans. No, there is no national sport in India
Q7. What is the distance between the goal and the penalty spot?
Ans. 7 Yards
Q8. Which team won in Malaysia’s Sultan Azlan Shah Cup?
Ans. Malaysia
Q9. What is the maximum number of replacements allowed in a game?
Ans. No Limit
Q10. When did the Indian team participate in the Olympic Games?
Ans. 1928


At last, we can say that Sports General Knowledge (GK) is an easy and rich source of information. Gathering sports information from all over the world together can enhance your GK knowledge. Here we provide the most useful Sports GK Questions with Answers in English so that can get prepared for any competitive exams.

Knowing the different sports backgrounds and cultures creates a connection between people. That helps create bonds between you and your favourite sports player.

This international connection shows how sport can bring people together, no matter where they are from, breaking down borders and creating a sense of global community.

FAQs- Sports GK Questions with Answers

Which winter sport is the most popular worldwide?

Approx. With 2.2 billion fans worldwide, Ice Hockey is considered the most popular winter sport worldwide.

Which team sport is the most popular worldwide?

Soccer is one of the most popular team sports in the world.

What is the largest field used for play in sports?

With an average size of 150 by 135 meters, Australian football is played on the largest field.

Which crazy sport is the most dangerous in the world?

Free solo climbing sport is considered as most dangerous game in the world, because of its high risk of falls and death.

Which country has the most gold medal winners at the Olympics?

The United States has won the most Olympic gold medals.

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