You are currently viewing Vishva Jal Diwas: World Water Day 2024 Theme, Importance and History
World Water Day 2024 Theme, Importance and History

Vishva Jal Diwas: World Water Day 2024 Theme, Importance and History

World Water Day 2024 Theme, Importance and History
World Water Day 2024 Theme, Importance and History

World Water Day 2024, an important yearly event held on March 22nd, has released its theme for this year as “Water for Peace”.

World Water Day 2024 Theme, Importance and History

World Water Day 2024 (Vishva Jal Diwas) is observed on March 22nd every year. On this particular day, people are aware of the value of freshwater and the necessity for sustainable water management strategies. Because water scarcity remains a worldwide issue.

World Water Day 2024 Theme

The theme for this World Water Day 2024 is “Water for Peace”. Assigning the theme ensures that every country has simple access to water because water distribution around the world is different.

Many regions have a big reserve of drinking water, but it is not in sufficient quantity for daily use. This time the emphasis has been on the theme, and an attempt has been made to demonstrate that peace can be created through the provision of clean water to living beings, which is a basic need and human right.

Now let us know about the last 5 years of the World Water Day Theme.

1.Accelating Change2023
2.Groundwater, Making the Invisible Visible2022
3.Valuing Water2021
4.Water and Climate Change2020
5.Leaving No One Behind2019
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World Water Day: History

In 1992, the Conference on Environment and Development was held in Brazil. The question of honouring ‘World Water Day’ was discussed at the conference. This measure was finally adopted at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 1992. The United Nations General Assembly announced that ‘World Water Day’ will be celebrated every year on 22 March.

In this way ‘World Water Day’ was celebrated for the first time in 1993. In 2010 the United Nations recognized the right to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right. And its goal is to draw people’s attention to the state of water around the world.

World Water Day: Significance

The main intention of celebrating World Water Day was to raise awareness about the need for water conservation and safe drinking water. We are all aware that clean drinkable water is in short supply in many nations and towns because of unfair distribution.

Furthermore, in many regions or nations, potable water is in such low supply that even unhealthy water is insufficient to fulfil the population’s needs. This is why millions of people throughout the world suffer water-borne infections and even die as a result.

World Water Day 2024
World Water Day 2024

Consider some small five effective ways to conserve water.

  1. Did you know? A large amount of water gets wasted if you take a bath in a shower or bathtub. Taking a bucket bath is usually a good idea because it wastes less water.
  2. A majority of people leave their taps on when brushing their teeth or shaving. Take short showers and try turning off your showerhead when using soap or shampoo to save water.
  3. To avoid water waste, check toilet cisterns and wash tanks regularly and repair any leaks that occur.
  4. You may have noticed that when you remove a glass of water from the aqua guard, another glass of water enters from a different pipe and normally drains down onto the floor. The same goes for air conditioners; we recommend collecting the water in buckets and reusing them for washing or watering plants.
  5. Sometimes, both children and adults make use of toilet seats to dunk unwanted items. This also wastes a lot of water; it is always better to dump garbage in the dustbin rather than flush it.

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FAQs on World Water Day

Which year marked the first-ever ‘World Water Day’?

First World Water Day was observed in 1993.

When is ‘World Water Day’ observed each year?

Every 22nd March of the year.

What has been gained as the theme for ‘World Water Day’ 2024?

The theme for World Water Day 2024 is “Water for Peace”.

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